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About: Leveraging Local Knowledge to Identify Priorities and Projects

Local knowledge and expertise form the backbone of the San Bernardino Investment Playbook. Unlike traditional economic development approaches that rely on outside knowledge and one-size-fits-all replication of investments made elsewhere, Investment Playbooks begin and end with community input.


Dozens of in-depth individual and group interviews with community stakeholders surfaced invaluable information about the concerns and aspirations of San Bernardino residents and provided context and inspiration for the Playbook as a whole. These conversations identified six priority areas—Capacity, Infrastructure, Housing, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Community—as well as the individual projects within each category.


Specific projects were developed in close collaboration with key community partners, including El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center, Just SB and its member organizations, and Uplift SB. The time, wisdom, and creativity that these and other local organizations and individuals contributed over the past eight months resulted in an Investment Playbook that is authentic to the needs and ambitions of the San Bernardino community. 

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San Bernardino is one of six cities participating in the Aspen City Action Lab, an initiative of the Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program.  

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