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San Bernardino Investment Playbook

Transformative investments to catalyze sustainable and equitable economic growth

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San Bernardino
Community Stakeholders

Made possible with the support of The James Irvine Foundation

What will the Investment Playbook do?

This Investment Playbook will increase climate readiness, bring new energy to the local economy, and improve quality of life in San Bernardino’s communities. It brings together big moves across six key categories. 


Ensure that stakeholders have the capacity to design and implement Playbook projects


Create a sustainable and connected platform for equitable growth


Increase housing density near multimodal transit 


Invest in key drivers of the Inland Empire economy


Support startup activity and small business success


Expand opportunities and improve outcomes for all residents

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How was each project selected?


Build on San
Bernardino's strengths


Leverage market momentum and work underway

Projects were identified through dozens of conversations with community stakeholders.
Each project was selected based on its ability to:


Unlock federal, state, and local resources 

Drive equitable growth via community wealth-building strategies


Where does the Playbook focus?

This Playbook focuses on downtown San Bernardino, a small geography with outsized impact

Though underpopulated and underinvested today, the downtown core has major potential, with inexpensive city-owned land, historic buildings, and close proximity to multimodal transit. A reinvigorated, climate-ready urban core will catalyze growth and improve quality of life throughout the city, making it more attractive for current and prospective residents and businesses alike. The geographic focus of this Playbook will provide the critical mass of coordinated investment that San Bernardino needs to reclaim its position as one of the crown jewels of the Inland Empire. 


How was the Playbook created?

This Playbook was developed in close collaboration with the City of San Bernardino, California State University San Bernardino, and a wide range of community stakeholders, with support from the James Irvine Foundation.


Learn more about the community's role.

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